Our Community at Its Best!

In these difficult times with a pandemic that none of us have ever experienced before in our lives. We need to extend a hug THANK YOU to everyone who is helping us to stay at home and help save lives.

It has been said widely, that we are fighting a war, that analogy is very true in that we do not know when it will end as people who lived and fought though a physical war could tell us, the end is not easy to predict. In the great war the famous words were spoken: ‘it will all be over by Christmas’ has been the subject to many plays and dramas since.

Only when we have got through this awful time and beaten this invisible enemy, will we be able to look back and see how successful we have been.

For all those families who have unfortunately lost their loved ones, what ever the outcome, they will always feel that loss and those of us who haven’t experienced that will never really understand the sadness they feel. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

So on behalf of everyone in and around Syston we say a huge Thank You to all those going the extra mile: Syston Volunteer Centre, Age Concern, Sean at Were All Mad Here Gift shop, Gamble and Hollis, Scott and Cathie’s Fruit and Veg, TESCO, ALDI, Peberday’s Newsagents, Mace, Post Office, all local Pharmacists, Syston Supermaket, Gills, Syston Service Station, all the other independent shops and individuals who are helping to keep us all fed and supplied with our essentials.

Thank you to all the volunteers helping to get food and prescriptions to people shielding or isolating.

We would also like to thank the Syston Charity Crafting group organised by Angela Perkins, who are making scrubs, hats, headbands, scrub bags etc for our front line workings in the leicestershire health trust hospitals. If you have any duvets you can give, please drop them off at 146 Barkby Rd, Syston in a plastic bag with the date you drop it off or you can contact Angela Perkins via the facebook page. Alternatively if you wish to make a donation towards the purchase of fabric you can via: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=119433156378903&id=110666557255563?sfnsn=mo&extid=ArgwDazQfNuw2ejq

Another local enterprise that deserves a thank you is the Leicestershire Community Cupboard (TLCC)and WasteNot Leics facebook pages. These not for profit businesses are run by Charlotte and are helping those in need with clothing, and other essentials. Syston really is a great community and on behalf of everyone who they are helping we would like to say a huge thank you! Once we have got through this most unprecedented time a special presentation event is needed to recognise them for all their hard work.

We put out a request on our facebook page for readers to send photos of their children’s Rainbows so we could put them in the next issue! Well as you all know we are not going to print until such time as the lock down is lifted. So we have included a gallery on this page of the ones we have received to date. Thank you for cheering us up, they are all beautiful and some must have taken a while to create.