Roundhill Flower and Garden Club: NAFAS Door Wreaths in support of NHS and Key Workers during Coronavirus

As with all other clubs and organisations, NAFAS affiliated flower arranging clubs have been forced to suspend their meetings until further notice owing to the lockdown brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Consequently, Roundhill Flower and Garden Club has so far been unable to continue with its programme of monthly floral demonstrations as planned for 2020.  We sincerely hope to resume those meetings, once more enjoying social contact and friendship amongst our members, when it is deemed safe to do so. 

Meanwhile, an interesting idea has emerged from NAFAS HQ whereby flower arrangers of all ability levels can participate in what it is hoped will become a nationwide project from the safety of our own homes. 

Linked to what has become the weekly ‘round of applause’ as a show of appreciation for the efforts of NHS staff and other essential workers battling the emergency situation resulting from the pandemic, it has been suggested we utilise our floral skills to create a decorative wreath ring which can be hung outside the home as a constant visual sign of thanks and support. 

These ‘Rings of Hope and Appreciation’ as they are being called, and constructed from entwined lengths of vine or flexible woody stems such as willow, can then be decorated to an individual’s preferred design using fresh, dried, or artificial plant materials, and finished off with ribbon bows. 

The suggested colour theme for the decorations are blue for the NHS, and green to indicate balance, renewal and progress.  The ring itself is said to symbolise everlasting, unending love plus the cycle of life and hope. 

Two members of Roundhill, who themselves are highly experienced flower arrangers, demonstrators and tutors, have readily set about this task and created the designs accompanying this article. 

Both are very different, with one using fresh plant materials including aspidistra, stripped phormium and chrysanthemum, whilst the other shows what can be achieved with artificial flowers and foliage, in this instance Hydrangea. 

The originator of the scheme is a NAFAS member and Master Florist from Gloucestershire, whose hope it is that via the participation of flower club members and involvement of their local press/media, the campaign to promote how the beauty of nature can be used as a gesture of thanks will receive further encouragement.