Syston Police Beat Team News

The past few weeks have been very challenging for many of us in varying ways. Police work has brought new situations to be dealt with on a daily basis due to the Covid19 restrictions placed on us all by the Government. The majority of people have adhered to these restrictions wholeheartedly, understanding the necessity of it all. However some people have either knowingly or unwittingly been in breach of the regulations and it has kept us very busy indeed. Our Policing approach has been to ‘Engage, Explain and Encourage’ people to stick to the rules and this has , on the whole,  been very effective with the public willing to work with us for the sake of everyone else. A few fines have been issued but as a last resort.

Crime patterns have also changed due to shops being closed and most houses being occupied all day and night. There have been less Burglaries and Shoplifting is down.

However as we now move towards changes to ‘Lock down’ and life , albeit slowly, gets back to normal I would like to remind everyone to keep good Crime prevention routines going. Make sure your vehicles are secure with nothing left on show. Keep your home secure when you are out but also when you are at home, keep doors locked, both front and rear.

Be vigilant to what is happening in your area, continue to look out for one another and if anything seems suspicious then please call us 101 or of course if an emergency ring 999.

Your Beat team continues to work hard for you and we care about the area we work in and the people who reside there.

So please all keep safe and well and let’s continue helping one another through this challenging time.

PCSO 6098 Lesley Richards.