News Update from Birstall Golf Club

Birstall Golf Club opens its course again after Covid lock down
The game of golf was one of the first sports to have lockdown measures eased by the UK government. As such, from Wednesday 13th May, one of the Counties leading golf clubs, opened its course up again to its membership.

Having received around just two days’ notice from the sport’s governing body, England Golf, that golf courses could reopen again, Birstall’s members began teeing off at 8am on the Wednesday morning. A skeleton greens team managed to get the course back to a playable condition inside a couple of days. The club took steps to ensure that social distancing was maintained with the introduction of a mandatory online tee booking system which meant that no one was waiting around the first tee to start their round of golf. All bunker rakes around the course were removed as well as ball washers and litter bins being sealed off. Other steps to ensure players safety included hand sanitiser units being installed next to the 1st and 10th tees.

For an initial period of two weeks, members were only allowed to play in a two-ball format with a 10 minute gap between tee times to try to ensure distancing between groups. Since the initial opening, a further easing of lockdown measures has meant that groups of four players can now play together.

Like all amateur golf organisations, Birstall Golf Club faces many challenges in these changed and uncertain times. However, during the lockdown period, the club still received and processed new applications for membership from people both new to golf and those returning to golf. By late June, Club competitions will be returning with new rules and protocols to help ensure that the game of golf complies with revised social distancing ensuring the safety of all players.

Membership packages at Birstall Golf Club start from as little as £350 for new joiners.

For more information contact the club on 0116 267 4322 or visit their website: