St Peter and St Paul Church News

As soon as our new Priest in Charge Lee Francis-Dehqani was appointed, we went into Lockdown, so much of the Parish work has been over the phone, email, other social media and on Zoom. Services of Compline are held each week on Monday and Thursday at 6pm on Zoom.

Compline is a quiet service for the evening. Lee also Celebrated a communion service on Ascension Day over Zoom and proposes to do the same for St Peter & St Paul’s Day, our Patronal Festival on Monday 29th June. Please contact him for an invitation to these services. A full set of worship resources is posted on line and circulated as a weekly email.

Please contact us if you would like to be added to the list if you are interested at or for the website:

Our eleven30 service has continued to meet through Zoom and social media. Families join and take part in our usual activities, singing and praying. Stories from the bible have been retold over zoom, including Jesus the Good Shepherd, exploring the Holy Trinity through the idea of an orange and overflowing mixtures to demonstrate spreading of the bible and God’s love throughout the nations. We have also been focussing on praying for others to come to know Jesus and Gods love through Thy Kingdom Come prayer.

Our newly appointed Curate for Syston and Barkby, Mrs Biddy Saunders, was to have been ordained Deacon on 5th July but unfortunately this has had to be rescheduled to the weekend of 26th and 27th September. Meanwhile Biddy will be licensed as a lay minister so she can begin her pastoral work as soon as conditions allow. 

We apologise to the residents who were able to hear the chimes of our bells which were an hour out for some time when no one was allowed up the tower. At each change of the hour in Spring and Autumn there is often a problem with the chimes. The mechanism for automatic correction is a little unreliable but rather expensive to install a more reliable mechanism! We think it will be a while before we can ring the bells as there is not much room for social distancing as those of you who have been up the tower on our open days will know!

We are sorry we were unable to fly the flag on V.E. Day as access to the church was still restricted and we now find a fault with the rope that requires the attention of a professional.

However, the good news is that the National Church and our bishops have just been issued with guidance that allows the church to be open.

We plan to do just that but full safety conditions have to be in place which we are preparing to do as we go to the press. Please look at the website for details of opening times.