Report from Our MP Edward Argar

As I write this article for the ‘Syston Town News’, I am conscious that, given the swift pace of events at the moment, aspects of what I write below may have been superseded by developments before you get to read this, but I nonetheless hope it is a useful update.

At the moment, despite the huge progress we have made as a country in countering coronavirus, we are all awaiting an update on whether the ‘local lockdown’ affecting our friends and neighbours in Thurmaston, Wanlip and Birstall, put in place to help tackle the outbreak in Leicester and protect people from the disease, is going to remain in place for a longer period, whether it will be lifted, or whether certain elements of it will be relaxed – by the time you read this, we will have had that update.

Although Syston is not included in the ‘local lockdown’ area I believe we can all appreciate how concerning, and frustrating, this is for the residents and businesses of those areas affected, who have done so much and made so many personal sacrifices already to help control and tackle this dreadful disease, but the risk posed by a local outbreak in Leicester, and the ability of this disease to replicate and transmit incredibly fast, means that it is important the public health advice and the new restrictions are followed so that they can be lifted again as swiftly as possible once this outbreak has been tackled, and it is important we all play our part more broadly in sticking to the rules to help beat this cruel disease. I have been clear that I want to see these restrictions lifted as swiftly as it is safe to do so. I do not want them to remain in place for a day longer than is necessary, so I hope that we will see progress in the coming days.

But, while understandably the impact of the coronavirus may still be dominating much of what we do at the moment, it is also important we don’t forget the other things that also still matter to day-to-day life in our community in Syston. In recent weeks, many people have taken perhaps a little more notice of the natural environment around us, but also of our neighbours and other people we normally bump into in the town or as we go about our business. As we, as a country and a community, and in our town, take those cautious, careful, steps back towards normality, it is important that we don’t forget these things: that we continue to notice our natural environment – and refocus our efforts on playing our part in preserving, protecting and enhancing it; and that we continue to observe that perhaps newly awakened concern, friendliness, and courtesy towards our neighbours and those we share our community with. However tough this pandemic has been for individuals and our country, and it has been tough, it is important we hang on to some of the positive aspects of our collective effort to beat it.

Alongside my work as a Health Minister nationally, as always, if I can be of any assistance to you locally, please do email me at or write to me at Edward Argar MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

While the volume of correspondence, understandably, over the past few months has averaged over 100 emails per day, I and my team continue to work hard to respond and to help where we are able to do so. I apologise that, given that volume, occasionally my response may be a little delayed.