A 75th Anniversary Homage to the Men Who Died in the Far East

On this 75th anniversary of V.J. Day, let us remember those who gave their lives during World War Two, whose sacrifice enables us to enjoy the peace and freedom we generally have today.

Let us also remember those who returned to rebuild their lives after years of dreadful conflict and turmoil, and particularly those who came home wounded, physically or mentally, and the families who cared for them.

But most of all on this special anniversary let us remember the families that lost husbands, sons and sweethearts who were involved in fighting the Japanese. Seven of the men that are commemorated on Syston’s War Memorial fought and died in various countries in the Far East. These men were Frank Clarke, Cyril Cunnington, William Lewin, William Orchard, Norman Page, William Westbury and Walter Fergus Talbot.

Walter Fergus Talbot was a Syston man who served with the Chindits and survived action in the Burmese jungle, but sadly lost his life in a plane accident after being posted to India. We are lucky to have Walter’s daughter Jane Talbott Matthews with us today, and I would like to invite Jane to lay our wreath in memory of all the men who fought and died in the Far East in World War Two.