Diamond Wedding

Harold and Diana Betts are celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 10th September and wish to send greetings to anyone who remembers them and hope you are keeping well and safe under these difficult circumstances.

Can you believe it? Harold and I 60 years married. Well it all started in Plymouth in 1958 when young people went dancing on a Saturday night. Girls usually waited for a boy to ask for a dance. There was I sat all alone like a wallflower when this handsome man asked for the pleasure of a dance. How could I refuse!

I discovered he was in the army doing his National Service. He had been a naughty boy and had just finished his punishment ie: in jankers, so he was out to celebrate.

After that he was posted to Germany for four months until he was demobbed. He used his demob leave to go to Plymouth to stay with me and my family before returning to his home in Brighton Avenue. We wrote to each other every day and he visited Plymouth at least once a month.

When he came down just before Christmas 1959, he asked me to marry him and I said yes so we went out and bought a ring. He had to ask my father for his consent and although he was a bit worried at the prospect, he passed the test and my dad said okay.

The wedding was in Plymouth and we went off on honeymoon to the Isle of Wight, We came back to Syston and rented a house on Fosse Way for £2 per week. The mattress was so awful (old fashioned lumpy feather) that I said if we didn’t get a new one I was going back to my mum! After a few months we decided to buy a house in Thurmaston where we lived until 1987 and then bought a bungalow across the road from where Harold was born. Talk about going back to your roots.

Harold and Diana Betts