Drain Ownership Problem

A resident from St Columba Way has raised a serious issue with the drainage on this area of Syston which is in an area liable to flooding. They have discovered that in the communal car parking areas are not cared for, for example overgrown trees or shrubs and rubbish left there. There are a number of different drains, including a storm drain, pictured below and a fire hydrant, which no one wants to take responsibility for.

They have tried without success to find who is responsible for keeping them clear by contacting the councils in Syston, Charnwood Borough and the County Council, plus they have tried environmental health and other agencies. All have passed the resident onto someone else and basically passed the problem on, without taking either responsibility or time to help avoid lots of households from being flooded should we get heavy and persistent rain.

There are two drains at the entrance to the parking areas and then five smaller, possibly soakaways, within the parking area, which because of their position, have become damaged by cars driving over them. See pictures below.

These drains do not appear on residents house deeds, so no one seems to know who is responsible for keeping them clean. Some residents have taken it upon themselves to clear them from leaves and rubbish, see our pictures below, but not everyone is aware that these need to be kept clear to avoid flooding.

The resident who has brought it to our attention wants to alert other residents in the area of St Columba Way so that they can help keep these vital drains free from damage, rubbish and leaves etc.