Bradgate Secondary Schools Open Evening 2020

Open Evenings for schools across the country will look very different this year due to the COVID19 pandemic. Wreake Valley Academy and The Roundhill Academy are no exception.

New Headteacher Tim Marston said ‘Despite the difficult situation we find ourselves in we still wanted to be able to give parents the opportunity to make an informed choice about their child’s secondary school place. To do that Year 6 pupil’s and parents need to visit the school, talk to staff and really get a feel for what the schools are about and where we are going. We were really keen to find a way to offer this, in a safe and socially distanced way’. 

The schools offered a series of Open Evenings with a difference. Primary schools in the local area were given a specific slot and asked to pre-book their place. The event hosted at Wreake Valley Academy, allowed Year 6 pupils to attend with 1 parent to find out about both schools, The Roundhill Academy and Wreake Valley Academy. The schools, which are working closely together under the new leadership of Tim Marston, had taken the decision to hold a joint event, allowing parents to come and speak to staff from both schools and utilise the spacious theatre at Wreake Valley Academy to do so. The Roundhill Academy have also released a virtual tour online following the Open Evening so that parents could also see this school and meet more of the staff. The virtual tour is available on Roundhill’s website and via their Facebook page.

Tim Marston explained ‘Parents were split into small groups for a presentation with me and for the guided tours of the school. Parents and pupils remained with that group throughout the hour long session. There was also an opportunity to speak briefly to staff from both schools’.

Primary school Headteachers were very supportive of the steps taken by the secondary schools and have helped communicate this message to parents via their email communication system.

Parents are encouraged to contact either school if they have any questions or if they require any support with the application process.

The deadline for secondary school applications is 31st October 2020.

To contact The Roundhill Academy email –
To contact Wreake Valley Academy email –