Christopher’s Golf Keepy-ups in Support of Taylor Gough

Taylor Gough is an athletic 20-year-old, back-row player for Leicester Tigers. Taylor was involved in a major road incident mid-June, where he suffered multiple injuries, including severe spinal injuries, on the weekend ahead of the squad’s return to Phase One training at Oval Park and is currently suffering from paralysis and unable to move his legs.
Christopher Hollis, age 12 pictured above with Taylor before the accident, was out with his mum back in June, when they heard the tragic news about Taylor. Sharan Hollis and Kerry Gough have been friends for over 40 years and listening to a mum tell them about Taylor’s accident was heartbreaking.
Christopher decided he wanted to do a little something to raise awareness and money for Taylor. So he took on the challenge of 1,000 golf keepy-ups in a day.
Christopher started his challenge on the 21st July and had completed 11,000 by 31st July. However, the donations came flooding in, so he decided he would carry on doing them every time he received another donation. To date, Christopher has raised a staggering £1,500.
If you could help just a little bit, then please visit
Thank you all so much in advance.
Christopher & the Gough family