Syston Girl Hopes to Join Expedition to Ecuador

Amelia Gannon (Millie) is15 years old and she has just entered year 11 at school. In June next year she will be visiting Ecuador to take part in an expedition organised by Camps International. During this expedition she will be visiting some of the local communities and spectacular destinations Ecuador has to offer, while also helping to build or rebuild different aspects of their villages such as wells or even helping to build new farms to help feed the villages.

However, Amelia needs help to raise money for this expedition as even though they are going to build and help communities it is not a charity and she needs to pay for this experience. 

Often when walking around Syston she has noticed a build-up of rubbish in and around the brook, she and her mum have often said how they would like to help clean it up for the wildlife that live there and to make it look a nicer environment. They would like to do this and ask local businesses around the area to contribute to her GoFundMe page.

Amelia and her mum were given permission by Syston council to clean the brook over two days in August, which was very successful and they hope to do more in the coming months. See the picture above, showing her in action and with the amount of bags of rubbish they collected.

If you can give a small donation for Amelia’s cause, this will not only benefit the wildlife and the environment but also help her to fund her expedition.

Below is the link to Amelia’s GoFundMe page where you can read a little more about her challenge and donate towards it: