Reflexology Treatments Designed to Relax

With winter almost upon us, I think many of us are looking for ways to bring a bit of hygge into our lives. In other words, a sprinkling of cosiness, with a dash of contentment and a pinch or more of general wellbeing. As a reflexologist, my clients’ mental and physical welfare are always at the forefront of my mind when tailoring treatments to aid them heal and rebalance. This month I would like to encourage you to treat yourself or a loved one to an hour of pure relaxation by booking one of the following treatments:

1) Aroma Reflexology For this option, you remove your shoes and socks, allow me to cleanse your feet and your job is simply to relax into my zero-gravity chair. In the meantime, I concoct a healing blend of essential oils based on your ailments. Then, I gently massage the aromatic mixture into your feet as the treatment begins. Reflexology involves applying pressure to your feet, which act as maps to your internal organs and the different parts of your body. Sometimes, we come across ‘blockages’ over specific reflexes in your foot; such as the head, the stomach, back, hormonal points, sciatica and many more. This translates as an imbalance in that specific part of the body. My job is to push and release on that area until the discomfort eases and balance is restored.

2) Hot Stone Reflexology Ancient civilisations believed that hot stones cleansed the body and relaxed the heart. It was said to ground the soul and soothe the mind. This option is especially loved by clients who feel the cold and it takes relaxation to another level! Hot stones are used instead of finger pressure alone to do your reflexology treatment. As the heat is soaked into your foot, a deeper massage can be applied to the reflex. This is particularly helpful for those suffering from muscular aches and pains.

Covid-Secure For those of you worried about coming during the pandemic, please rest assured that I follow a strict set of Covid-19 protocols to minimise risk. I wear full PPE, ask you to bring your face mask and I ensure all surfaces are thoroughly sanitised. Protocols include changing sheets, towels and coverings after each client. I also leave half hour intervals between clients to air the room and clean.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch. I hope to see you soon!
To book your appointment call: 07840 543 893