St Peter and St Paul’s Church News

Remembrance Day 2020
A simple, short and socially distanced service was held outside the Parish Church at the British Legion memorial stone on Sunday 8th November. The Reverend Lee Francis-Dehqani and the curate Rev. Biddy Saunders laid wreaths in honour of those who have died fighting in the service of our country.
The church bells rang out over Syston and the two minutes’ silence was observed by the five people there.

Christmas at Your Parish Church
Owing to the current Lockdown situation when this is being written, it is impossible to give definite information about what’s happening at St. Peter and St. Paul’s this Christmas.
However, there will be some services. So, keep your eyes open for posters around Syston and Barkby, or consult the St Peter and St. Paul’s page on ‘A Church near You’ website or our new ‘Syston and Barkby Churches’ Facebook page.
Whatever form these services take, they will be carefully planned to ensure that they will be compliant with the latest Covid 19 Government guidelines, and will hopefully offer something for everyone.

Happy Christmas
It only remains for us to wish all readers of Syston Town News a very happy Christmas, despite the many restrictions we will probably still be living under. Our Nativity picture of a beautiful stained glass window is actually one of the windows in our own Parish Church. It is more than one hundred years old, but is often overlooked by people as it is partly hidden by the main door when that is open. Perhaps once we are all back to normal, you might like to come and see it for yourself!