Syston And District Volunteer Centre – 200 Lottery Winners January – October 2020

The family of Jean Dayman who won in July have kindly donated her winnings to the Centre.

It is that time of year when we will be writing to you shortly asking you to continue to help us in providing the services we do by renewing your lottery membership. We do hope you will continue to support the Centre. If you are not a member of the lottery please consider joining. There are unallocated numbers each available at a cost of £12 per year. Half the money raised goes to the Centre and the other half distributed on a monthly basis to the members whose numbers have been drawn. There are three prizes each month 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

If you are interested in joining our lottery please contact the Centre on 0116 2607 888.
January: Trevor Buck, Paul Lomas, Jill Bailey
February: Trevor Carter, Fiona Henry, Jean Trown
March: Alan Batson, Pam Dutton, David Alder
April: Thelma Stiff, Peggy Lowe, Neil Harrison
May: Kate Ledger, Sue Lomas, Alan Batson
June: Lorraine Selby, David Steadman, Pat Wherton
July: Anita Roberts, Jean Dayman, Pat Hunt
August: Hilda Knowles, Darryl Reilly, Bev Wilkinson
September: Averil Tebbutt, Vera Barlow, Jill Bailey
October: Paul Shelton, Timothy Brown, Jean Brutnall