A New Year A New Partnership

Victoria & Jackie at the Cauda Equina Charity Shop in the Town Square are very pleased to announce that we are joining forces with the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), to become part of their Association. 

As some of you will know CES UK was set up as a charity in 2012 to serve and support people with Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES). The Charity Shop opened in October 2014 in the town square to bring an awareness of the condition to our area and hopefully beyond.

Our aim as a charity has always been to make sure people living with CES can get the best information and support as well as an opportunity to connect with other people with CES and to share and learn from the community.

When we approached SIA to become a part of their Association, our aim was to expand the support offered to people living with CES, specifically in the areas of specialist clinical advice and information, advocacy to fight for services, counselling and mental wellbeing services.
We were very pleased that SIA agreed to our proposal. The move means we will immediately be able to expand the support offered to all those people with spinal injuries from accident or illness.

Nik Hartley OBE, CEO of SIA said: “We have made a pledge to build a network of partners so everyone affected by any type of spinal cord injury gets the support they need. This is a truly ground-breaking opportunity to invest in the amazing work of CES UK that has the potential to offer a lifeline to anyone, anywhere living with CES.”

“In 1986 my father, Sir Frank Williams, sustained a spinal cord injury. With the help of SIA and a strong support network he managed to rebuild his life and return to work as the Founder and Team Principal of the Williams F1 Team. The success he has managed to achieve in F1 since his injury has been inspirational to me and the sport as a whole, and Williams continues to support SIA as we owe the charity a great debt of gratitude.” Claire Williams OBE

Bridge McFarland LLP, a legal firm with an internationally recognised team of clinical negligence solicitors, has agreed to continue to fund the work being done to support people affected by CES. Said Claire Grieves, Bridge McFarland LLP:

“Bridge McFarland LLP has supported CES UK for many years and when we heard about the plan, we immediately agreed to make a financial commitment to ensure people affected by CES get the best possible care and support, now and in the long term”.

The website: www.caudaequinauk.org.uk will continue as the hub for information.  Our social media pages, including our Facebook pages ‘Cauda Equina UK Charity Shop’ will remain the same at present. The charity’s shop and office in Syston, Leicestershire, will continue under the existing management of Victoria and Jackie and the brilliant team of volunteers.

Victoria and Jackie would like to thank all the local community who have supported our little shop from the very beginning and we appreciate everything you bring to us. All your donations are very much appreciated and are always in need of clothing, bric-a-brac, books, dvds, toys, household, craft, wool and anything that you would like to part with. Our shop number should you have any queries is 0116 260 8294. Thank you for all your support and we hope we can be a presence in Syston for many years to come.