Over 70s urged to book their covid vaccination now

People aged 70 and over living in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland, who have not yet had
their first vaccine dose, are being urged to book their vaccine. They do not need to wait to be
invited, but should contact the NHS and make their booking now.
There are currently two options available. They can choose whether to be vaccinated at one
of three local hospital sites or at their vaccination centre which, for Leicestershire, is the
Peepul Centre in Leicester city.
The three hospital sites – Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General Hospital and Glenfield
Hospital – are also offering vaccines to people aged 18 and over who are classed as
extremely clinically vulnerable and who hold a shielding letter as evidence.
NHS leaders are very keen to ensure that all eligible people who have not yet had a vaccine
have a chance to book. People are also encouraged to share this information with eligible
people who may not yet have been vaccinated.
It should be noted that only those who are eligible will be vaccinated. People will be turned
away if they cannot prove they are in the priority groups. If you are eligible, please book; if
not don’t book and certainly don’t turn up at the sites.
For people aged 70 or over, vaccinations can be booked at a vaccination centre, such as
The Peepul Centre, through the national booking service online at www.nhs.uk/covidvaccination.
The system allows patients to choose a time slot and location that suits them.
Anyone unable to book online can call 119 free of charge, anytime between 7am and 11pm
seven days a week.
If a suitable and convenient slot is not available people can also call their GP practice.
Alternatively, vaccinations can be booked at one of three hospital sites for people who are
70 years of age and over and for people aged 18 and over who are clinically extremely
vulnerable. A definition of clinically extremely vulnerable is available here.
Bookings at the hospital sites are expected to be taken up quickly. However, more
appointments will be on offer in the future, including at other sites and will be publicised
when they become available.
To make a booking at a hospital site you must have an NHS number. You can find your NHS number here.
To make your hospital appointment, please use one of the following links:
Glenfield Hospital:
Leicester General Hospital:
Leicester Royal Infirmary:
Please ensure you follow the instructions below before accessing the booking link, as the
instructions provide the necessary PIN and step by step details of how to book:
The booking process:
1. Click on the link of your preferred vaccination site
2. Enter the pin CovidVL19
3. Register as a new user – Please ensure you enter your NHS number (if you do not know
this, click here to find it).
4. Pick the ‘patient’ option on the form and fill in your details
5. Choose a date and time for your initial vaccination. The system will automatically generate
a second slot.
6. Check your inbox and junk mail for an email that confirms your booking. You will also
receive a text reminder if you filled in the contact number field
Photo ID and proof of eligibility (a current shielding letter) will need to be provided on arrival
for clinically extremely vulnerable patients. Those aged 70+ will need to provide Photo ID
only. Patients who are unable to provide these will not be vaccinated.
People in the two eligible groups are encouraged to book now, using one of the methods
outlined. Patients may also be able to book their second doses at the same site.