Covid vaccine drop-in clinics this Sunday and Monday at the Peepul Centre

Eligible people living in Leicester can get the covid vaccine at two drop-in clinics this Sunday
and Monday at the Peepul Centre.
The NHS in Leicester is encouraging those who are eligible and not yet had their first
vaccine dose to come forward now, while vaccine levels are plentiful, as supplies are
expected to dip in April.
No appointment is needed, people can drop in anytime between 9am and 6pm on Sunday
28th and Monday 29th March.
The clinics are open to the following eligible groups:
* People aged 50 or over
* People with a health condition which puts them at higher risk from covid. For more
details on which conditions this covers please visit:
* Unpaid carers who live in the same household as those they care for – for example
older people or people with a disability
* Anyone who has previously been invited for a vaccine but not yet made an
Unpaid carers will not be asked to evidence this but all groups will need to provide
some form of ID on arrival to verify who you are and if you unable to provide this you
may be turned away.
The Peepul Centre is on Orchardson Ave, Leicester LE4 6DP.
Vaccinations can still be booked at other hospital sites, as well as through GP practices. For
further details of these options visit:
For further information about the vaccine visit: