Syston Scout Group

Scouts, since the latest lockdown, have met virtually.

We have done several quizzes and took part in a crystal maze challenge.

We have invested several new Scouts virtually which was very different to our normal ceremony around the Union Jack flag.

This week we have started the Writers Badge and here are a few poems to go towards the badge.

Next week we are doing a Virtual campfire singing session with two of our leaders who have been doing other scout groups around the country.

We have at least 14 scouts joining us each week online and have a waiting list. Hopefully we can meet in the spring and continue Scouting

Syston Scouts Leaders

I opened the magical door and found a bird singing to it’s chicks,
I opened the magical door and noticed a farmer ploughing, I opened the magical door and saw a builder building with bricks,
I opened the magical door and heard a cat meowing,
The door is big and tall with cracks spread around, It is made of dark, old oak wood, It had a knob made of pure silver that sparkles in the moonlight,
The keyhole is crooked and rusty,
What lies behind this Door is a complete mystery,
As all those who enter never come out, Some people believe that a hungry lion is waiting to pounce,
Others believe that there are terrifying aliens in there
That scare people to death,
Then there are some like me,
Who believe that in fact it is not a room that is inside,
But an evil device that changes you,
That forces you to do things that you would never attempt in your dizziest daydreams
It changes you,
It bewitches you…
So don’t you dare go in there or it may well be your last time you are in your present form,
Don’t dare go in there or you might just not come out…





scouts are brave
clouds are white
owls are hooting
the campfires alight
sleeping in my tent
hearing a howl outside
thinking it’s a wolf
not knowing there’s a snake next to my head
about to down me in one gulp.