Empty white prams have been appearing around Syston. In the dark they look particularly eerie and haunting. They have been placed by Leicestershire Extinction Rebellion as a reminder of the damage we are doing to our children’s futures by not taking steps to quell the climate emergency. We are on course for runaway, irreversible warming unless urgent action is taken to reverse this trend.

A third of UK children already live in toxic air zones.

In June 2020 the Government failed to meet any of the targets set by its own Committee on Climate Change. The UK is hosting the International Climate Meeting COP26 in Glasgow in November this year, and we should be taking the lead on strong action.

We are badly in need of a green recovery. The Covid has shown how quickly the Government can act. The climate emergency deserves the same quick and decisive action. Yet the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill put before parliament in September 2020 has been delayed again. We need to urgently follow its recommendations to bring the climate crisis under control before its too late. We need to make our country and the planet fit for our children’s future.

The Ghost prams, which are broken and unusable, will be removed after a few days.

Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion