Real Refills

Sandra, originally from Syston, has begun Real Refills providing ethical, quality and affordable food and cleaning products without the plastic packaging.

She said: “In the UK, only 9% of plastic is recycled. Cleaning product packaging can only be recycled a very limited number of times and then it goes to landfill. If you check pasta, rice and snack packaging its likely to say ‘not currently recycled’. I started buying cleaning products I use in bulk thinking ‘the worst that can happen is I will be clean for a while!’ Then I extended to a food range which covers all the cupboard essentials.”

There are lots of reasons to switch to refills too:
• Reduce food waste – by reusing the containers for your cupboards!
• Products are from Wholefood Co- operatives that are ethical
• Supports local business
• Convenience – local markets and delivery
• Reduce plastic packaging and not pay for the packaging either

Syston deliveries are Saturdays 2.00pm to 6.00pm.
Orders are easy via the website:, Facebook or a call.
Any questions please ask 0782 388 9088.
Sandra is hoping to have a Syston pop up shop soon.
If anyone in Syston has space for her to provide this service to our community please contact her direct on the number given above.