Cheering the Foxes onto the FA Cup Final

Syston’s Knitting Banxy has shown their great talents again in producing a fabulous Post Box topper on High Street. This time they have created the Leicester City Football Team all in a huddle but facing outwards, so you can see their faces.
The characteristics of the players are captured well with their range of stylish boots and hairstyles. Can you spot your favourite?
The images have again gone viral and appeared on ITV Central News, East Midlands Today as well as being discussed on Radio Leicester on the Jimmy Carpenter breakfast show with your Editor.
Should the Foxes raise the cup, we at Stn are sure there will be a follow up.
But for now our mystery SKB, who is aware of all the fabulous comments made on social media, wishes to remain anonymous as they don’t do this for fame they do it to bring a smile to everyone’s face and to give something back to our community.
There are plans in place to create a calendar for 2022 to raise money for Syston based charities, so we will keep you informed as to how and where these can be purchased once released.
So on behalf of everyone who has enjoyed SKB’s creations to date, we at the Stn say a very big Thank you.