Litter Picking on the Hobby Horse Estate

The litter has been a worsening problem over the past few years, so much so that it can be quite depressing to see it continually there when you go for a walk, despite many people going round collecting it up. So we organised a Litter Pick on Easter Saturday morning.  
Louisa Wait, David and another lady from the Green Party came to support us and together with two other neighbours we set about picking up litter. We were armed with litter pickers and specially designed black and green bin bags with rims around the top to make it easier to put the litter in. All socially distanced of course.
We spent a good hour and a half, and collected nine bags of litter, including about five bags for recycling. Many bottles, cans and other interesting things like parts of car wheel hubs!
It was very successful, David taking all the bags to the tip afterwards.
The picture at the top shows us at the traffic island were we cleared so many bottles/cans/food wrappers from. It now looks beautiful with daffodils, and blossom out on the trees, as can been seen in the above picture.
To all who live in and around The Hobby Horse Estate, please be inspired to all keep the fronts of our houses clear, and do a bit extra to make our Estate look and stay good all the time.
Mrs Trish Leigh,
Hobby Horse Estate