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It was with great joy that we opened the church for worship in the form of a Communion Service on Sunday 9th May. There was one service at Syston at 10am and one in Barkby at 6pm. The members of the congregation were socially distanced and wore masks and other government guidelines were followed. The Wednesday 9.30am Communion Service also resumed on 19th May. This service is a short, simple one that only attracts a small congregation, so if you feel a bit hesitant about joining in church services at the moment this might be the one for you! 
How wonderful to begin to worship together once more, albeit without singing at the moment. Hopefully the choir will soon be able to resume their practices and will be leading the musical side of Sunday worship before too long.
On Easter Day we were not able to have a Communion Service inside the church itself so Revd. Lee, Revd. John and Revd. Biddy took consecrated bread to those who had requested it to receive communion in their gardens. This was done with a beautiful short ceremony and was much appreciated by parishioners.
Tower problems continue! We wait for Taylors of Loughborough to inspect the bell room to make sure all is safe. Also the new rope for the flag pole is being arranged.
Revd Lee will celebrate his last Communion Service in Syston on Sunday 20th June as he leaves us to go to join his wife, who has been appointed the new Bishop of Chelmsford, in Essex. That will leave this parish with no Rector and we will be advertising as soon as possible for a replacement. 
Don’t forget to keep in touch by looking at our Facebook page where each week there will be bible reading suggestion and activities to try. We are looking forward to the time when we can meet in church again.
‘And now there remain faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity.’ (in most bible translations charity is love, so love is the greatest of these three.)
Corinthians 13 verse 13
Our illustration is one of the Victorian stained glass windows in the church, depicting the virtue of ‘charity’ as a woman. There was a need for people to donate to charities in those days and unfortunately there is still a need today. Christian Aid week is one opportunity for us to reach out and offer help to some of the world’s neediest people. Will you help? 
Churches Together in Syston and Christian Aid
Christian Aid week was in May but it is not too late to make a donation!
Readers will understand that we were unable to do an envelope collection or run our normal events for this worthwhile charity this year. However, this was Syston’s chance to support those in very great need around the world, so please, do think about donating on line. The address below for donations is a little long but will acknowledge the donation as from Churches Together in Syston. You can type the address into your search bar to make a donation. If that is too complicated go directly to the Christian Aid web page by typing Christian Aid into your search bar and the donation page is very straightforward, however Syston will not be acknowledged in your donation!
We do hope that the people of Syston feel they are able to donate to this worthy cause.
Churches Together in Syston.