Friends of Barkby Rd Cemetery

Not a lot to update you all with this month except that the weeds keep growing and need constant tending, feel free to help when you are visiting your loved ones if you have a few minutes to spare, as every weed removed is one weed less.
Hanging baskets have now been placed around the cemetery and a wonderful donor has paid for a light to be fitted in the Chapel that reacts to movement. Thank you so much it is much appreciated.
A Father’s Day display, pictured above, has been done featuring ties and socks, things fathers always get, and a summer display has been arranged by myself around the altar.
The decoration quotes are all in now awaiting approval at the next council meeting, although I think that the final choice has now been made.
The planters and flowerbeds have now been refreshed and as usual Andy is keeping the cemetery looking beautiful not just for you not just for me but for everyone. Have a good month everyone and stay safe.