Citizens Advice Charnwood advise on your rights if you are facing redundancy

If I have been furloughed can I be made redundant?
Yes, you can. You should still have the same rights to redundancy pay, holiday pay and notice pay as if you were employed as normal.
Payments will be calculated based on your full wages rather than your furlough wages. Employees who are put on the new jobs support scheme cannot be made redundant while the Government is paying some of their wages.
How much notice should I get if I’m made redundant?
You must be given at least one week’s notice that your job is ending if you’ve worked at the company for less than two years. If you have worked there for longer, you get one week’s notice for every year you have been employed, up to a maximum of 12 weeks or your notice period – whichever is greater.
You should receive your usual pay while on notice – or the average you earned over the past 12 weeks if on flexible wages.
Was it fair? 
Employers are not allowed to make people redundant for certain reasons such as working part-time, their gender or age, or a disability. It could also be considered sex discrimination if you are a woman caring for a child or relative and are made redundant because you work less flexible hours.
Redundancy can also be an unfair dismissal if you’re selected because you complained about health and safety.
If you think you might have been treated unfairly contact our Local Enquiry line on 01509 649605 and ask to speak to one of our advisers.
Do I have to take an alternative role if they offer one? 
Companies might offer a suitable alternative role. It should be relatively similar to your current job description, pay, hours and location.
You could lose your right to statutory redundancy pay if you unreasonably turn down a new role that is deemed to be suitable. You have the right to a four-week trial period for any alternative employment you’re offered. 
Can you be made redundant while off sick? 
This could qualify as unfair dismissal unless your employer can prove there was a genuine reason you needed to be made redundant. You cannot be made redundant because of your illness.
Can I be made redundant while on maternity leave? 
Although you can be made redundant while pregnant or on maternity leave, the reason cannot be because you’re pregnant or on maternity leave. This would count as discrimination. If you are pregnant or on maternity leave you should be given priority for any suitable alternative roles.
How does voluntary redundancy work?
You should still get your usual redundancy rights even if you choose to leave voluntarily. Sometimes employers offer incentives for taking voluntary redundancy, such as extra redundancy pay or not having to work your notice period. Volunteering to be made redundant does not necessarily mean you’ll be picked. You could also consider taking early retirement.
What benefits can I claim if I’ve been made redundant? 
You might be entitled to benefits such as Universal Credit. You might also be able to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance if you’re actively looking for work or Employment and Support Allowance if you’re ill and cannot work.
Ian Dennis, Chief Officer at Citizens Advice Charnwood, said:
“As the Government furlough scheme winds down and employers are left with increasing wage bills we know that many people may be facing redundancy.*  This can be a very difficult time and it is important that people understand their rights and know where to get support.”
If you are threatened with redundancy and need help or advice please do not hesitate to contact our Local Enquiry telephone line on: 01509 649 605 ( or visit
*British Chamber of Commerce. Press Release. 2/8/21