Horoscopes for September 2021 By Jeanne Douglas

Aries (20 March – 19 April):
Things seem to take a little longer this month – whatever it is! So give yourself more time to ‘get things done’. Then this becomes rather enjoyable too. Romantic feelings run high and you’ll be seeking out your nearest and dearest and making sure that you have a few dates and even adventures. Your finances stabilise.
Taurus (20 April – 20 May):
Practical jobs around the house and garden are all crying out to be done! This gets you busy and spending a little more than you’re comfortable with. Never mind! All this change is most positive and refreshing – and puts you into a good mood. Family fun abounds and see if you can get the barbecue out for one last time.
Gemini (21 May – 20 June):
Communication is excellent this month and you’ll be catching up with friends and family that you haven’t seen – or even heard from – for quite some time. This includes hearing some interesting gossip which could outright amaze you! Some travel adventure beckons and while this may not be the right time, do plan ahead.
Cancer (21 June – 22 July):
Someone around you is tearful at times – about one thing or another – but this is simply some emotional release and they’ll feel much better in a few weeks. It does seem that the real hard physical work around home and garden falls on your shoulders! So quietly make sure that you ‘take time out’ for some rest and relaxing.
Leo (23 July – 22 August):
A new creative project is ‘right up your street’ and others will be most interested from the start. But the planning is difficult – with folk pushing in left, right and centre, so do ensure that you find some quiet place where you can get your thoughts together. This is a good time to ‘get into shape’ such as join a gym or diet.
Virgo (23 August – 22 September):
Writing is well-aspected this month and you’ll excel at anything from a work report to keeping a diary. But if you’ve ever wanted to write a book then this is an excellent time. An admirer gets in touch with you, one way or another although this may be disguised as a work question or dilemma. Take time to know them!
Libra (23 September – 22 October):
A spouse or partner has some kind of problem that they need your help with! You’ll do what you can but realise the complexity of it and – at some point – will need to stand back, having done what you can. Tidying paperwork and completing administrative jobs – either at work or on the home front – gets you ahead.
Scorpio (23 October – 21 November):
You’ll take every opportunity to ‘get out and about’ into the fresh air and animals or pets feature well this month. So you’ll make the most of the late summer sunshine and pack as much fun in before autumn looms. You’ll be rather dissatisfied with work jobs and will tend to shelve them for a while, giving you time to think.
Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December):
Short trips and journeys are fun and you’ll take anyone with you who’s keen for a change of scene. You feel as if you’re going round in circles when it comes to work matters and even major decisions on the domestic front, so one or two trips will clear away the ‘cobwebs’ and help you make the right decisions.
Capricorn (22 December – 20 January):
Being as practical as ever, you get on with ‘what has to be done’ this month and this applies equally to your emotional life as well as your work issues. It will surprise others when you’re honest about what you really feel too and then take action to change your life accordingly. Well they shouldn’t be surprised really.
Aquarius (21 January – 18 February):
Life is busy and as frantic as it can be this month and you’ll wonder where all the energy will come from. Seek the advice of those who really care for you because they know ‘the real you’ and can come up with some great solutions. Take a little time out for rest and relaxation so that you recharge your batteries.
Pisces (19 February – 19 March):
It’s a creative month for you Pisces and this pleases you greatly, being as this is one or your strengths. Then, some new idea relating to work and finance comes to mind – and you set about working on this right away. Others are rather impressed with your surprising strength and tenacity when you get determined.