Listed Double-Arch Bridge in Need of Repair

The Melton & Oakham Waterways Society have raised their concerns over the double-arch bridge adjacent the A46 at Syston. They said it was probably an understatement to say it is in need of some tender loving care!
The brickwork is certainly in desperate need of repair, see pictures below.
Not a lot can be said of the graffiti either, not to mention it could do with a spot of weeding!
The bridge was repaired about 15 years ago and, as a footpath and bridleway cross it, it should be high on the priority list this time.
The society believed that back then the British Horse Society became involved.
The bridge is a listed structure, but if the funding is not there, everything has to wait its turn. They wanted us here at the Stn to raise the public’s awareness to the plight of this listed structure in our community.
The Stn has sent the details to our two County Councillors and hope they get back to us with a positive response soon.