New Barkby W.I.

President Mrs Shirley Franklin welcomed members to the institutes December meeting.
A short time was given to W.I. matters, then the evening became a free session. There was no carol concert but two readings were given by Mrs B Hayes and Mrs K Fryman, and a poem was recited by Mrs J Brutnall (a Pam Ayres poem on Inflationary Days). There was also a quiz based on Christmas by Mrs A Wright and a ‘What’s in the Handbag’ according to the Presidents list.
During the evening there was the opportunity to socialise and enjoy mince pies, biscuits, small buns and a Christmas sponge cake both made by Mrs J Goulden. A pleasant evening to the end the year.
From New Barkby WI, to all readers of Syston Town News, a Happy New Year.