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Melton & District Indoor Bowls Club World Champion Les Gillett
Les Gillett a member at Melton and District indoor Bowls Club became World Champion on Sunday 23rd January 2022 after beating seven times World Champion Paul Foster MBE.
Les, who has been playing bowls from an early age, has been taking part in the world championships competition for some years but had never managed to get past the quarter finals in previous attempts and at one stage dropped out of the top 16 ranking players. Through hard work and determination he fought his way back to become ranked number six in the world with his ambition to reach the semi-finals this year.
Les took on Jamie Chestney in the Quarter final, losing the first set by 10 shots to 1 but coming back to win the second set by 8 shots to 7 and winning the tie break by 2 shots to 1. Les then took on Alex Marshal MBE in the semi-finals winning 10 shots to 1 in the first set and 8 shots to 7 in the second set.
The final was always going to be a tough game taking on Paul Foster MBE, who was looking for his eighth world championship title. Les, with his superb draw shot ability, won the first set by 8 shots to Pauls 7. Paul in the second set took an early lead from which Lez was never able to recover and Paul took the second set. The game now went to a tie break and Paul took the first end and Les took the second end. With both players feeling the pressure Paul having the first shot on the last end put in a magnificent bowl within a few inches of the Jack. Les fired and removed Pauls bowl. Paul again put a superb shot in near to the jack, Lez again fired and missed. Paul then in an attempted to cover the back position put a bowl in that was too long and ended up in the ditch. Les fired again and this time took Pauls bowl out which was next to the jack. With neither player having anything close to the jack after 3 bowls it was a matter of who could draw a shot nearest to the jack with their last bowl. Paul played first and his bowl went several feet past the jack. Les who is known for his great drawing ability with his back hand and with the very last bowl of the competition was able to get nearest to the jack and in the process became World Champion.
Melton and District indoor Bowls Club congratulate Les on his Victory.