Tales from the Plot

Syston allotments have been in existence for more than 120 years allowing the residents of Syston a plot of land on which to grow their own. I’ve had my own plot for about 15 years and it has been a life enriching experience, I walk through the gate and smile. Preparations for this year’s growing are already underway.
Tidying up from last year is now thankfully finished for most, we’ve spent the winter planning for the year ahead. Towards the end of the month broad beans and peas will be sown along with some all year round lettuce which need to be under cloches. 
The over wintering sprouting broccoli will be showing signs of springing back into life along with the rhubarb. Hopefully my onion seeds sown last month in trays at present on my spare bedroom windowsill will soon be showing signs of life, seed potatoes have been purchased and are stored in the shed: it’s a great time of year anticipating what will be a success and most importantly trying to learn a lesson from any failures. 
Richard Thorpe, Syston Allotment Society