Tales from the Plot

Hopefully we are all feeling the benefit of the lengthening and warming days. Syston allotments will soon be a hive of activity, the plots will be coming to life with experienced plot holders helping any new plot holders to the allotments. Advice is always happily given when requested.
It’s a lovely feeling knowing that the seeds sown now, if tended to, will supply us hopefully with wonderful vegetables for not only the rest of this year but into the next – but beware, there’s an old saying that is never more important than at this time of the year ‘patience is a virtue’ especially if you want Jack Frost to stay away from your potatoes! You’ll need to be ready to cover potatoes if you’ve already got them in because Jack is never far away, however carrots, broad beans, peas, parsnips, lettuce seeds etc. can all be planted now with some confidence.
I’ll be setting beetroot seeds this month, I set them in a row across my plot in clumps of five or six seeds about 10 inches apart, they tend to grow well and you just pick the bigger ones by twisting them out leaving the others to mature, one row keeps you supplied for most of the year.
Every year I try and grow a few large onions with varying success, not to show more to show off ….. it’s a fun thing to do, I’ve been transplanting them into 10 inch pots in my own compost with a little blood fish and bone added. 
Our spare bedroom windowsill is now full of trays with cabbage, cauliflowers, brussels, tomatoes etc. all ready to be taken down to the plot.
Early tender shoots of rhubarb can now be harvested for the first crumble of the year (always a real treat) my grandson, young Sidney, is sowing sunflower seeds to give away to other plot holders as he did with great success last year, it’s great to see youngsters on the allotments and hopefully they will be the next generation of plot holders.
Richard Thorpe
Plot 15 B Syston allotments