East Goscote Brownies

On Thursday the 17th of March 1st East Goscote Brownies celebrated their Brown Owl, Rosemary Fraser, being part of the unit for 40 years. 
The evening was enjoyed by representatives from East Goscote Parish Council, as well as some favourite faces from the Leicestershire guiding community. Gifts were given, songs were sung, and the evening was rounded off with a walk to the chip shop for the whole pack, followed by a delicious cake made by one of the unit members. Many thanks to Rosemary were given, including a commemorative vase from her current leaders Sami, Sarah and Dorota. 
Rosemary, pictured left, started her guiding journey in March 1982, when she attended a Brownie Meeting after deciding she wanted to get involved with something worthwhile. 
She qualified as a leader in 1983 and took over as Brown Owl for 1st East Goscote pack when the position became available.
Her reason for staying in the role so long is simple – she is continually inspired by the girls enthusiasm for life, the friendships she has made through the years and the many and varied activities that Guiding brings. She describes it as “having an excuse to do all the things she enjoyed in childhood, that would be unacceptable as an adult!” and “a reason to never grow up!” 
Activities for the pack include: Pack Holidays at Topstones, Remembrance Day parades, Visits to Harry Potter World and Media City in Salford. As well as the organised events, she enjoys the many Brownie meeting activities like visits from local sports teams, clog dancing, Hogmanay celebrations and archery as well as pamper nights and newspaper fashion show evenings. 
She is inspired by the positive influence that Guiding brings to girls and women, and its ability to adapt and change to stay relevant.
She would like to thank her husband Ian and her son James, as well as the many dedicated leaders she has worked with over the years.