James Freer’s Schools of Tae Kwon-Do – Hits Success Again!!

World Master James Freer-7th Dan and Master Sheryl Freer-6th Dan recently had 16 of their students grade taking grades from 1st Dan Black Belts right up to 3rd Dan Black Belts.
The Black Belt Grading was held at a new venue; Hellidon Lakes Golf Resort and Hotel in Daventry.
Students taking their 1st Dan Black Belts were – Rhys Gill, Diya Patel, Avi Ancharya, Amber and Ria Varia, Kian Sudra, Niam Solanki, Ahmed Nawaz, Sophia and Ruhie Kapadia, pictured above with World Master James Freer and Master Sheryl Freer.
Students taking their 2nd Dans were: Nazreen Kapadia and Sarah Scott.
Students taking their 3rd Dans were: Bradley Eston, Baljeevan Athwal and Rufus Bezanno-Griffiths. Pictured left with World Master James Freer.
As Instructors, it was an exceptional grading with 100% pass rate!
The students who took their 1st Dans have all been training for seven years and more!!
This shows dedication, perseverance and indomitable spirit!!
Master Sheryl Freer says “this achievement will help set the youngsters up to be able to achieve anything and will also help them to move onto college and university in the future”.
Also, World Master James Freer says that a Black Belt is just the beginning, now their journey begins.