New email checks for electoral register in Charnwood

Residents in Charnwood are being asked to look out for an email as part of an annual check of voter details.

Every year, Charnwood Borough Council sends a letter to all households to check voters’ details are correct on the register.

For the first time, the Council is going to send some voters an email to carry out the check to save time, money and help the environment.

It follows similar moves by other councils which have helped reduce the number of letters being sent out.

Rob Mitchell, the Council’s Chief Executive and Returning Officer, said: “Having the right to vote is incredibly important and I would urge residents to look out for our email and encourage them to respond promptly to save us having to send them a letter in the post.

“Many councils already use email to carry out the check as it helps to make the process quicker, cheaper and better for the environment.

“The email will be very secure and provide all of the information residents need to respond.”

The Council normally sends out 77,000 letters to households in the borough.

It is aiming to send out around 25,000 emails and reduce the number of letters by almost a third.

The Council is also asking residents to update their contact details with the Electoral Services team so they may be able to receive an email instead of a letter next year.

Residents who are already registered to vote and would like to update their contact details can email

The Council is legally required to check that its electoral register is up to date each year to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote is registered and can have their say in future elections and referendums.

The Council is using databases to identify households where voter details are unlikely to have changed and then send them an email.

The email will be sent from on Thursday 23rd June and residents are asked to respond by Tuesday 12th July.

If more than one person in the household receives the email, only one person needs to respond.

If a response is not received or the Council does not hold an email address for anyone in the property, a paper form will be delivered by Friday 19th August.

Where data suggests there have been some changes to the voters at the property, a paper canvass form will be sent by Friday 19th August.

If the information is not correct on the form, residents need to let the Council know as soon as possible so individual electoral registration forms can be sent to those who need to register to vote.

The Electoral Registration Officer needs the information to be able to publish a complete and accurate electoral register on the 1st December each year.

Having your details on the electoral register will:

  • allow you to be able to vote
  • improve your credit rating
  • make it easier to access council services
  • help you avoid a fine

Full details of how residents can complete the form online, by phone, via text or by post are all contained in the email or form sent to them.

A list of frequently asked questions can be found on the Council’s website at

More information can be found on the Council’s website or residents can contact the helpline on 01509 634 546.