Tales from the Plot

I believe that having your own allotment is the best way to provide affordable, fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables for you and your family. On your allotment plot you have the choice and control over how you want to grow. I try to grow as organically as I can, however we must all remember that a dandelion is to some a nuisance weed but to others a salad ingredient. Syston’s plot-holders come from all walks of life and we all have our own ideas; we must all remember different isn’t necessarily wrong it’s just different! 
Hopefully if all has gone well by this month you’ll start to reap the heart-warming effects of your labour, this month the first pickings of lettuce, beetroot and the first spring cabbage is always a treat.
The plot is now working at full capacity as everything seems to take off this month with frost, hopefully, being a thing of the past. Brussel sprouts, cabbages, cauliflowers, celeriac, courgettes, outdoor cucumbers, French and runner beans, leeks, pumpkins, squashes, sweet corn, outdoor tomatoes that have been started off indoors should all now be in their final position. As with all young plants water in carefully and protect from birds with netting. 
The soil should be warming up suddenly, that means the weeds will also grow prolifically. It does sadden me when you see new plot holders take on a plot with massive enthusiasm digging and tidying, getting the plot ready but then stay away for a few weeks and when they return I’ve witnessed the despair on their face because the plot has weeded over again – if they just visit twice a week and spend 20 minutes with a hoe that’s all it takes to keep things under control.
I find it very satisfying knowing that the plot is now full of plants that we’ve mostly grown from seed and if cared for will feed our family for the rest of the year and well into the next.
Richard Thorpe 15b Syston Allotments