Syston Menopause Café – the ‘M’ Café at the Pharmacie Arms

April 2022 saw the start of a new Menopause Café for the ladies (and men!) of Syston and the surrounding areas.
After struggling to find information on local menopause groups, and realising that many women in the local area were also going through the same thing, I decided to pop a message out on Spotted:Syston to see if anyone fancied meeting me for a coffee to chat… the response was overwhelming and it showed the need for somewhere for local ladies to go to be able to talk openly about their worries, concerns and struggles…
Along came Dave Noseley from The Pharmacie Arms to offer us a room for free, every month for as long as we wanted – a fantastic offer and a brilliant location at the heart of our local community, we can’t thank him enough for being there… (and he came up with the ‘M’ Café name too!)
So each month, on the first Wednesday the ‘M’ Café meets upstairs at The Pharmacie Arms from 6.30pm – 8pm. We enjoy a cuppa and some cake, and more often than not, a relaxing glass of wine or two, and we simply enjoy the company of women (and sometimes their partners) who all understand how we feel. Ladies have come over from the other side of Leicester to attend, as well as many from the Melton area too, which shows just how much of a need there is…
We’ve featured in the Leicester Times, our local GP’s are now referring people to us, and we’ve even had a mention on Radio Leicester (thank you Fiona!) and most recently, you may have seen, our very own Syston K Banksy has supported us with a Menopause Café bollard in the centre of Syston, pictured above right, a fabulous creation depicting how we’re giving a helping hand to each other through the black hole that can be the menopause.
It’s a safe space for us all to talk about all thing’s menopause – there’s lots of laughs, there’s tears, there’s ranting, but ‘what is said in the room stays in the room’ and it brings us together with the knowledge that whether we’re peri-menopausal, in full blown menopause or coming out the other side, we’re not alone, however alone we may sometimes feel…
So if you’re heading towards it, in it or over it, and you fancy a chat, come along, we’re a friendly bunch who just love to talk!
Watch out for the posters around Syston for more information, and you can visit our Syston Menopause Café page on FB for more information on further café s.
If you’re thinking about setting up an ‘M’ Café in your local area, please do get in touch, I’d love to help – because the more we talk, the better we feel…
Next ‘M’ Café’s at The Pharmacie Arms:-
3rd of August – 6.30pm – 8pm
7th of September – 6.30pm – 8pm
Tracey mobile: 0793 412 2480.