St Peter and St Paul’s Primary Academy

Year six children at St Peter and St Paul’s Primary Academy have been learning about climate change and have produced their own articles debating the question: Are we, as a society, doing enough to prevent global warming?
The image above is an example of one of their handwritten climate change balanced arguments. The following essays have been typed up for ease of reading in the newspaper. Thank you to their teacher Ms Parker for sending them in to us.
Are we, as a society, doing enough to prevent global warming?
Climate change is the alteration in temperature every 30 years. If it ever gets too hot, it could be a danger to our planet. Furthermore, we are causing anthropogenic climate change which is climate change caused by humans. Many people get confused between climate and weather. Weather is daily conditions and climate is weather changing over a long period of time (20-30 years) and can be dangerous. We have proof of this as the earth has gotten 1 degree hotter. Today I am going to answer the question: are we as a society doing enough to prevent global warming (Earth heating up)?
Humans are contributing to climate change in many ways. Firstly, electricity is used by a great many people at home. Burning fossil fuels is how electricity is made in the UK especially. Burning fossil fuels releases more CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere. If CO2 is in the atmosphere, heat will be trapped and global warming will get worse. Secondly, too many cows are being bred by farmers. When cows burp, methane goes into the atmosphere. The more cows bred, the more methane in the atmosphere of our beloved planet. Methane is a greenhouse gas. This greenhouse gas is very much worse than CO2 and CO. This rapidly increases the rate of global warming. Furthermore, humans are throwing lots of waste into a giant hole in the ground called landfill. All the biodegrading of this heap of waste releases vast amounts of methane into the atmosphere. The more methane that drifts around the atmosphere, the thicker it gets. This leads to lots of heat all trapped in the atmosphere, which causes global warming.
On the other hand, humans are reducing their carbon footprint. Greta Thunberg has raised the profile of climate change and is helping and affecting people’s everyday life. As a result of this, more people are purchasing electric vehicles. Electric cars do not have an exhaust so no CO2 or CO (carbon monoxide) is released. The less CO2 or CO released means the Earth has a thinner atmosphere. In addition, humans are installing solar panels on their houses. Solar panels are a clean and renewable energy source that will last forever and never run out. No greenhouse gases or fossil fuels are involved meaning that this is a fool proof energy source. Moreover, humans are utilising public transport more often. Less greenhouse gas will be released from one big vehicle than lots of little vehicles. Pollution will be reduced by taking buses. This contributes to the reduction of climate change across the globe.
As a result of the evidence above, in my opinion, society is not doing enough to prevent global warming. If I were the prime minister, I would install solar panels and wind turbines in every area of the nation. I would stop the farmers breeding too many cows and take this matter seriously.

Are we, as a society, doing enough to prevent climate change?
As most people already know, climate change is the change in weather pattern and global temperatures in the atmosphere. These changes can be natural or anthropogenic (manmade). The majority of people think climate change and weather are the same thing; it is not. Climate is weather change over 20-30 years and weather is change daily or even every couple of minutes. Climate change is a vital issue because the world has heated up 1 degree and that is causing extreme weather to happen like rapid changes to the Earth’s temperature. This writing will discuss are we, as a society doing enough to prevent climate change.
Many people contribute to the cause of climate change. Firstly, humans are driving motor vehicles too much. This means that it will emit a vast amount of carbon monoxide (a greenhouse gas). This is bad for our environment because it causes temperatures to rise. Additionally, humans waste electricity in these following ways: charging phones, games, television and even more. These are bad for our planet: we burn fossil fuels to make electricity and the more we use, the more fossil fuels will be burnt. Also, we breed too many cows and that will lead to more cows burping and this lets out methane (a greenhouse gas). This rapidly increases the rate of global warming and is way worse than carbon monoxide.
On the other hand, activists like Greta Thunberg are helping society reduce the amount of climate change happening in our area. Firstly, humans are using energy produced by the wind (turbines). These can help prevent climate change because they are clean, renewable sources of energy. This reduces the amount of fossil fuels being burnt into our atmosphere. Next, society is installing more solar panels to roofs of houses. This can lead to less carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Furthermore, humans are recycling their waste. This reduces waste going to landfills and factories producing new products this helps: factories would not have to produce new products, which prevents carbon dioxide releasing into our atmosphere.
Overall, with all of the evidence we have collected, I think as a society we are not doing enough to prevent climate change because we are still using fossil fuels and have nearly run out. If I were you, I would stand up and start to make a change to prevent climate change.

Are we, as a society, doing enough to prevent climate change?
Climate change refers to the change of the global climate. This may be caused naturally or be anthropogenic (manmade). Many people believe that climate and weather have the same meaning. However, climate is change over 20-30 years; weather may change daily. This modern day villain is today’s big issue. Climate change warms our atmosphere causing extreme weather patterns. In this essay, I will be discussing today’s important issue: are we as a society doing enough to prevent climate change?
There are many ways humans contribute to climate change. Here are three ways your household may be contributing to today’s big news. Firstly, in almost every county there is a power plant. The use of a power plant forces the use of fossil fuels (an unrenewable energy source) to produce electricity. This releases carbon monoxide (CO) into our atmosphere. This unrenewable gas is unrenewable and poisons you and your fluffy friends. Furthermore, deforestation is an issue that can spread as far as from the North Pole to the South Pole. This issue seriously damages our environment. This is such a big issue: trees use photosynthesis to absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) and release oxygen. If the tree population were suddenly to die down, CO2 would cover our atmosphere trapping heat and causing global warming. Finally, electricity is unnecessarily used by many people. Such as leaving the lights or gaming consoles on when you leave the house. This emits CO2, which is a greenhouse gas, into our atmosphere. This contributes to anthropogenic climate change.
Greta Thunberg is a modern day hero and has brought what was in the dark into the light. Here are three ways we have changed our lifestyles for the better. Such as, recycling things like glass, plastics and metals. This reduces the amount of plastic going to landfill. This leads to less micro-plastics transferred into our earth. Landfill items also release a harmful gas called methane. Additionally, many people have started to use public transport. This leads to less CO2 released into our atmosphere and little to no cars being on the road so fewer greenhouse gasses are released into our atmosphere. The UK is one of the windiest countries. This makes it one of the best for wind turbines. This renewable source of energy releases no greenhouse gasses. This means it does not harm our environment. In the future, this may lead to little to no greenhouse gasses released into our atmosphere.
Overall, after closely examining the evidence above, I strongly believe that we as a society are not doing enough to prevent climate change. This is because if you were to walk down the streets in every county there is at least one power plant polluting our atmosphere. If I were a global leader, I would urgently place laws against climate change.