Grow Give Live

Grow Give Live were at the Syston Summer Fayre on 2nd September; what a fantastic community event it was, thank you to the organisers who worked so hard to make it happen.
It was lovely to meet people at our stall who have been making the most of the produce coming from the community centre planters; there have been plenty of tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, strawberries and cucumbers, as well as the odd aubergine and squash.
As we go into autumn, there’s lots of harvesting still to be done – the Syston Scouts enjoyed seeing the fruits of their labour when we helped them dig up the potatoes we’d planted before the summer – we hear some were turned into homemade chips – yummy!
As well as the produce we’ve planted, there is plenty of fruit in the hedgerows and on trees at this time of year. Syston station has a beautiful Syston plum tree, which made a delicious crumble, and of course, there are loads of blackberries to forage if you can get there before the birds! Only take what you need, wash before eating, and enjoy.
While the planters might be looking a little quieter over the next few months, Grow Give Live won’t be! We have lots of projects in the pipeline to do more growing around the town, as well as continuing to work towards the long term goal of a permanent community garden space for the whole community to access and enjoy.
Autumn and winter are seasons where nature takes a rest, to recuperate and gather energy for the flush of spring. While we can’t stop completely, there is something to be said for taking a lesson from nature and letting ourselves slow down; think about ways you can nurture yourself through the winter months, so you’re ready to burst into the spring full of life!
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