Brooksby Gardening Club

Our new season started in September with a talk about ‘Melton in Bloom’ and all the regulations and guidelines to be considered and the detailed planning which has to take place, a huge amount to undertake and exhausting to ensure every aspect is covered, it certainly opened our eyes to the workload throughout the year.
Several new members joined us and we welcomed back old friends.
Moving on to November our speaker will be ‘Creating a garden for the changing climate’, something we all need to think about.
Early December we will again enjoy a Fish and Chip Lunch, a chance for a good chat and relaxation and to air our Christmas jumpers before the hectic season.
The weather has been a bit unusual of late and although established plants seem to have suffered, the weeds are more prolific and much time seems to have been spent dodging the rain. Sorting out the bald patches on the lawn has been problematic, I must have the fattest pigeons in the neighbourhood, I think they watch me, wait until I turn my back then use their expertise to scratch away the fine layer of soil I hoped would protect the seed but as we all know get rid of one pest in the garden and another appears.
Is it time to get out the seed catalogues and do a bit of dreaming?