Letters Page Dec.23/Jan.24

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank a Mr Jonathan Weeks, through Stn, for speaking against the Taylor Wimpy application, admittedly he spoke along with myself at the planning committee meeting.
No one else spoke for Syston other than to go with the officers first indication of refusal, I myself spoke on behalf of others and passionately for myself.
But the following few weeks Taylor Wimpy have put in another application for the same amount of houses and on the same land, if you want to speak again Mr Weeks then please contact me through Syston Town Council.
Many thanks
Cllr Sue Gerrard

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Dear Stn,
I never thought I’d ever say that I liked Shakespeare, having struggled through English Literature exams at school. He certainly didn’t help. However, I have now seen the lovely little woolly Shakespeare proudly sitting outside the Methodist Church. He made my day.
Well done SKB, I like all the knitted toppers, but that is my favourite.
Mrs Sue Hall

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Dear Editor,
I am writing to you because I think my friends Bob and Meg Hendry need some recognition for their commitment to the Royal British Legion for poppy collection, Meg started selling poppies with her Dad when she was 10 years of age, she’s 91 now, and was hoping to do it this year in the Town Square, she’s devastated to be not allowed this year (I’m not sure why) something to do with insurance, she’s been told. She was so looking forward to being out with Bob, getting soup and a roll at the café and hot drinks, but mainly meeting people.
If you can thank them for all their years of service, I would be grateful.
Yours sincerely
Jo Savage
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Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the organisers of the Syston Parade this year for the event. The only problem I and others had was that if you were standing far away for the memorial, your couldn’t hear the service or the reading of the names. A tradition I have always loved. Does anyone know why there was no PA this year?
Thank you a concerned resident.