New Barkby WI

Shirley Franklin, President, welcomed New barkby W.I. members to the institutes February meeting. As January’s meeting had to be cancelled everyone was wished a ‘Happy New Year’.
‘Jerusalem’ was sung, followed by business matters.
Members were informed of committee member, Joy Goulden’s husband, Richard, who had passed away recently, and notice of his funeral arrangements were given out.
Speaker Adrian Walker, with power-point presentation, showed a photograph of himself beside a sign ‘Adrians Wall’ (omitting the initial ‘H’).
With a group of volunteers, setting out by coach to Wallsend, the real walk began for ‘Walking along the length of Hadrian’s Wall’ (a Roman fortification to mark the northern boundary of England). The trek began at Wallsend and ended at Bowers-on-Solway.
There were many stops and overnight stays during the walk – even on stop that had a hot tub, a welcome treat for those weary travellers, averaging 14 miles per day (approximately 100 miles in total).
Although most of the journey was in the countryside, the group had to cross the M6 motorway, and other landmarks including witnessing the Appleby Horse Fair, and reaching the River Eden where it joined the River Esk.
The money raised by the volunteers is funding for LOROS.
There was a question and answer period at the end of the talk, before social time out and refreshments.
Jan Oliver gave the vote of thanks.The competition: ‘A picture of the Coast’ was won by Lou Chapman with a painting of Bocastle, Cornwall, and the raffle was won by Eileen Hull.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th March in Syston Community Centre beginning at 7.30pm. The speaker will be Geoff Harris who will give a talk entitled ‘Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk’.
Visitors are always welcome to attend