The Stn report on the Annual Meeting of the Town Council on Tuesday 22nd May 2019

There were 11 Councillors (Cllrs) and four members of the public present.

It is with great sadness that I have to begin this report with the stepping down of my husband, Cllr Paul Henry as Chairman of the council. He has been a great chairman for the past three years, I know I’m biased, but a lot of residents have also told me this. I hope that the new Chairman will continue all the good work Cllr Paul Henry has begun. 
Syston is growing and needs forward thinking Cllrs to take us into the future and continue that friendly village feel that everyone living here wishes to maintain.

Cllr Ken Pacey was voted in as Chairman.

Cllr M Carnal gave a vote of thanks to Cllr Paul Henry and said he has been a great chairman over the past three years. Cllr Steve Hampson seconded.

The Reflection was read by Cllr K. Pacey

Cllr T. Barkley was uncontested for the position of Vice Chairman, so was duly elected.

There were no Apologies for absence and no Declarations of Interest given.

A communication had been received relating to the new police chief of community Mark Watts.

Co-option of New Councillors: There were five people co-opted onto the council with the ward name following their name: Charlotte Booth, Merton Ward, Lara Towel, New Barkby Ward, Lyn Gilliard, Merton Ward , David Pepper, New Barkby Ward Harold Screaton, New Barkby Ward.

Appoint committee and panel members: All Committees and Panels were announce for the forth coming year 2019 to 2020. Details can be found on the Syston Town Council website.

The General Power of Competence in the Town was renewed and S137 was agreed.

New Planters in the Town – David Smith, head groundsman, explained to the council about his proposal to fill the gap in hanging baskets between the bridge and the pelican crossing on Melton Road. Suggestions were considered and it was agreed to apply for a licence from Leicestershire County Council in order to place three planters in the area outside Specsavers and two outside Natural World.

Police report – There were no police present. However, PCSO M. Harbutt had sent an annual report which was tabled to the members.
Cllr M. Carnal asked about areas affected by burglaries and if the police could inform council. The council had invited the police and crime commissioner; Lord Willy Bach who had replied saying he was going to tour all parish councils in the county, so now awaiting confirmation as to when his visit will be.

County and Borough Cllrs Reports
Cllr E. Vardy recently re-elected as Borough Cllr for Syston West. He explained his position on the borough council, he is now on the cabinet for planning, tourism and the development. Their role is looking at the number of houses being built and where they are to be built in the borough. Other aspects include: Inward investment looking for local businesses to invest in employment and growth, Watermead improvement area and Loughborough Business Park. In relation to Tourism in the Charnwood area, they are looking at how to develop Watermead Park, and how to help benefit Syston. He also spoke about the planting of trees in the Charnwood area, they plan to plant 100,000 trees over the borough. The new football academy, based on the A46 just outside Syston are planting 37,000 trees in order to move a footpath. He explained about the money paid to the Borough council known as S106, it comes from new developers who have to put money towards the community.
Cllr. S. Bradshaw the newly elected borough Cllr for Syston East, said good evening and thanked the residents of Syston East for voting for him and Ken Pacey at the recent election. He had attended the installation of the Mayor, Brenda Seaton and said he is going to out and about to get to know his ward. He was attending a lot of training sessions since being elected, and was on Planning and Regulatory Services Committee.
Cllr K. Pacey said he was still Chairman of licensing committee for another year.
County and Borough Cllr T. Barkley, explained his role with finance and property services at the County council. He told the members that the GP at East Goscote is retiring and it is proposed that it will be taken over by the Jubilee Practice, not yet known if a new GP will be allocated to the East Goscote practice. He went on to speak about the updating of the Environmental Strategy to be zero carbon by 2030. From the Borough council he spoke about the Life line service which costs £4 per week for elderly residents and encouraged Cllrs to promote to local residents who could benefit from it. He also spoke about guided walks organised in partnership with Fusion Lifestyle.

Cllr M. Carnal asked Cllr T.Barkley to take up his complaint about the lack of grass cutting around the town.

Minutes of 23rd April proposed by Cllr P. Henry as he was the then Chairman.

The internal audit tabled was approved, new audit from LRAC had picked up a couple of points, the officers were thanked for all the work they have done.

The Governance statement was approved and sign off.

The Accounting Statements were approved and signed off.

The dates for the forthcoming years meetings were agreed.

The Annual Schedule of Business for Full Council and Committees were agreed.
It was agreed to replace the Rotary Mower for the cemetery as the current one was beyond repair.

A discussion about installing shutters for the building at the new cemetery concluded with agreement to not install at the moment, the building is covered by CCTV and so may not require them.

The town manager, Ms C Voyce updated Cllrs on actions from the previous meeting Actions from previous meetings. She then gave her report which had been copied to all members. She congratulated the two newly elected Clls and explained they would have an induction in the next couple of weeks. The new windows are to be installed 25th June, with the new fire door being replaced on 27th May. She gave the dates of the next panel meetings. She finished by saying the hanging baskets will be delivered end of May.

Members questions to Chairman – there had been no written questions. Cllr. P. Knight, raised a question about the shortness of time given at the start of the evening when they found out the Chairman Cllr P. Henry was not putting his name forward again for another year. He felt that although he had no preference as to who was chairman he would have liked more than about 20 seconds to consider anyone else to be proposed.
Cllr P. Henry replied saying that standing orders are clear about how to elect a new chairman at the annual meeting forward. But there is a review of standing orders due in June and so have an opportunity to change it for the future. It was agreed to discuss it at that time.

Councillors attendance report 2018/19
The new Chairman Cllr K. Pacey said that Cllr P. Henry had a terrible time last year in getting enough members to some meetings in order to make them quorate. He said everyone who puts their name down for a committee or panel should only do so if they can attend those meetings.. He thanked the members who do attend all committees
John Lucas received a gift from the town manager for best attendance.

The Chairman Cllr K. Pacey ended the meeting by congratulated all returning Cllrs.

Fiona Henry, Editor.
For the official minutes of this and other Town Council Meetings please visit their website: You can attend any council meeting held on Tuesday evenings 7.30pm. Details are posted across all town council notice boards.