6th Annual Summer Festival

Queen Victoria Public House hosted their 6th annual summer festival from August 2nd to the 4th. Attendees to the event were able to participate in multiple activities for the family in the day.
There was live music all weekend and a bouncy castle for the children located at the back of the premises with multiple benches for the family to drink and eat. There was a Caribbean street food stall outside for those wishing to eat as well as an additional gin and rum bar. In the evening customers were able to participate to karaoke too!
Saturday was one of the busiest nights at the Queen Victoria that weekend, including a disco with a DJ and staying open from 12noon to 12midnight. Many families celebrated the summer and it was clear that the event was a resounding success and a highlight for the town of Syston.
Company Director of the Queen Victoria Public House, Zoe Stoneley, discussed the success of the event: “This year’s event was once again a huge success. We have had so many compliments regarding the weekend which really means a lot. Our team worked so hard ensuring everyone was served and looked after. This event takes a lot of organising from getting the permission from the local authorities and police to sorting entertainment out ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.”
With the event occurring annually, Zoe Stoneley showcased their ideas for next year and what customers can look forward to next summer: “Next year, we do have ideas to make it bigger and better, we have done this for six years now and every year we try to add something else. We do have ideas in the pipeline perhaps a different theme with more entertainment i.e. more bands etc. Throughout the three days we hold the festival for…Perhaps a music festival theme. Watch this space!”
With lots of fun for families attending and a variety of drinks and food for people to choose from, the event was certainly a major highlight for the local community this summer. It is clear the Queen Victoria Public House has aimed to please and will aim to please even more in the future.
By Reece Stephenson