New Barkby WI

Mrs K. Fryman, President, welcomed members and vistors to New Barkby WI’s February meeting. ‘Jerusalem’ was sung, followed by business matters.
Have motorhome-will travel. ‘My Motorhome Meandering’ was the title of the talk given by Mr Alan Parker with a powerpoint presentation of some of the holidays he had experienced.
In the first holiday Mr Parker and his wife spent a six week journey travelling along several bridges crossing ferries and through the fjords in their motorhome, enjoying the scenery and the flora and fauna of the different towns and villages of Norway and the Arctic Circle.
Just occasionally they joined in with other travellers at the various campsites, but moving on again, they were moving at their own pace. The whole trip covered 4,300 miles. 17 ferries and about 30 campsites all very awe-inspiring to see the glaciers, monuments and waterfalls en route.
The second film gave an insight to the scenery of the Isle of Man with its famous Laxey Wheel. The third film was made up of The Royal Yacht, Britannia, moored at the Leith, near Edinburgh with the different areas used by Royalty and the officers and other staff members. All these films were enjoyed by the audience from the comfort of their seats at Syston Community Centre.

The Vote of thanks was given by Mrs J. Brutnal. The Competition Winner was Mrs A. Montague with a photograph of a Waterfall.

The raffle was won by Miss E. Loder and the Tea Hostesses were Mrs J. Brutnal and Mrs J. Goulson.

This months meeting will be held on Wednesday 4th March, 7.30pm – Syston Community Centre.
A Talk entitled: ‘Memories are made of this’ – Mr Richard Adams.
Competition – Something from childhood
Visitors are always welcome to attend.