‘The Chindits’ Part Two

 In the April issue of the Stn we introduced you to L/sgt. Oliver B. Lockton who served in Burma with the The Chindits.

We said we would follow up with a diary of the action he saw and include a photograph of his platoon in case you recognised anyone in the picture, see above.

So what follows is a diary of L/Sgt Lockton and the events that he recorded.
Jul 17 1940 Called up with Railway Warrant to join the 7th Leicesters at Nottingham. Did training and East Coast Defence prior to India.
Oct 1942 Flew into India (Karachi)
June 1943 Promoted to L/Sergeant
Sept 1943 Flew to JHANSI (Uttar Pradash) Jungle Training
Spent Christmas and New Year on the Ken River practising River Crossing with Mules.
Jan 1944 Moved to Deogarh Camp (USA Base) for Exercise ‘Operation Torch’ at Lalitpur.
Mar 23 1944 Flew into ABERDEEN Stronghold fromLalaghat in Assam.
Apr 4 1944 Left Aberdeen for WHITE CITY Moving South for Brigade attack on INDAW via SETAW and KATTA. Spent four hrs bypassing Katta to remain unobserved only to be invited for tea by the Headman as they had been watching us for two hours and thought we were mad.
Apr 6 1944 Ambushed Japs – Killing 40 at Tathwin/Metza road and rail crossing. Made three successful ambushes.
The Column headed for WHITE CITY to oversee the evacuation under the noses of the Japanese 53rd Division. The same day Japanese troops attacked WHITE CITY.
May 9 1944 30 Dakotas landed at WHITE CITY to evacuate Sick and Wounded and also surplus Ammunition and Stores. The Leicesters ‘Booby-trapped’ WHITE CITY leaving a death trap for the Japanese.
May 10 1944 The Chindits melted away into the jungle. 47 Column joined three other Brigades for an all out assault on the Japanese 53 Division. Chindits headed for KINSALLA PASS. Nigerians on the left of railway and Leicesters to the right.
May 13 1944 47 Column ambushed by Japanese from White City who were sent to look for them. Two Officers, a Sgt. Major and Six Privates were Killed 13 were injured and five reported missing.
May 17 1944 Americans captured MYITKINA Airfield. General Stillwell (USA) took command of Chindits! 90% of all casualities occured after General Stillwell took Command. Chindits were not trained for normal warfare.
May 22 1944 Ambushed Japanese – Killing 50. Column then moved through dense jungle towards MOKSO SAKKAN on the East shore of LAKE INDAWGYI.Sick and wounded were evacuated by light aircraft.
Jun 22 1944 Chindit Ghurkas and Chinese attacked MOGAUNG WITH 2,000 men.
Jun 27 1944 MOGAUNG taken.
Aug 11 1944 7th Battalion captured TAUGNI with 50% casualities. To decimated to carry on fighting transported by Train to MYITKYINA and flown out of BURMA. Had contracted Malaria.
Oct 3 1944 Admitted to British Military Hospital Bangalore for Treatment of Malaria Giardiasis (Contagious Diarrhea) – Strongyloides Stercoralis Infestation (Roundworm/Threadworm in Gut).
Nov 24 1944 Discharged from BMH Bangalore – Light Duties pending ‘War Leave!’.
Dec 3 1944 Admitted to BMH Bangalore for MALARIA
Dec 12 1944 Discharged from BMH to Unit.
Dec 31 1944 7th Battalion Disbanded and few remaining men sent to 2nd Battalion.
Jan16 1945 Admitted BMH Bangalore – Chronic Headache – Recurrent Nasal Obstruction – Opthalmic problems.
Feb 7 1945 Discharged to Unit – No Swimming for one Month
Dec 12 1945 Acting Rank Relinquished reverted to Corporal having left the unit!
Jun 29 1946 Military Dispersal Unit York Civilian Clothing Store.
Oct 3 1946 Discharged for transfer to Reserves
Oct 4 1946 Transferred to Reserves Returned to continue working at Imperial Typewriters Leicester until retirement at 65.