Defibrillator – Life Saving Equipment

At Cherry Tree Day Nursery, we strive to provide not only a nurturing, enjoyable and educational place to learn and play, but also a safe environment in which to do it in. With first aid trained staff ready to support our little ones with those minor accidents as part of their development and learning, we wanted to go one step further and raise money for a defibrillator for the setting in case we ever need to do lifesaving first aid in the fastest possible time. This life saving piece of equipment we believe is fundamental to protecting the lives of our children, families, staff, visitors, and the community, and one we hope gives reassurance to all. However, defibrillators are expensive and so we needed to fund raise! Let me tell you about two amazing little boys!!

Harley (7) and Riley (10) years old are best friends and the sons of myself, Helen Rudkin and Neil Coles (directors of Cherry Tree). Upon talking about my idea to raise money for a defibrillator and trying to think of ideas how, Harley suggested, after being inspired by a local boy, to put himself forward to run a Marathon with his dad, Matt. I loved the idea. He then asked if Riley would like to join him and Riley said yes straight away. How amazing are these two little boys raising money with the thought that one day their hard work might just save somebody’s life.

The boys ran a marathon in 4 weeks alongside Matt as their mentor. A small gathering marked their tremendous finish on Deville Park on Sunday 12th of July 2020 to celebrate their achievement. They smashed the target needed of £1,250.00 and have changed the future of Cherry Tree forever!

To date the boys have raised a HUGE £1,270.00! Any extra money will be donated to the British Heart Foundation, so it is not too late to donate. Please just follow the link below. Thank you.