Paul Andrew Henry

On the 1st August 2020, the love of my life, best friend, husband and father to our three children and four grandchildren passed away.

We knew he had a life limiting illness as it was diagnosed in early 2019, although he had been ill for a couple of years before that. It still came as a shock to us all when he did pass away.

When I bought the Stn he used to accompany me to events I was covering, and was often addressed as Mr Fiona as people would say ‘Oh hello, erm Mr Fiona’ as they didn’t know his name which he found amusing. But more importantly he will be remembered for his work on the Syston Town Council, he was elected in 2012, then became chairman between 2016 – 2019 when he resigned due to his ill health. He took great pride in serving the people of Syston.

A loving husband to your editor for over 46 years, we met when we were 16 years and 17 years respectfully and married in 1974.

Paul was a very proud father to his three children; Ian, Victoria and Jennifer and adored his four grandchildren; Chloe, Emma, Conor and Iris.

He was a great rugby fan and supported Tigers ever since we moved into the area in 1975. He was a member of Syston Twinning and enjoyed visiting France, we have received tributes from our friends in our twinned town of Deville Les Rouen.

Paul was an active member of the Masonic Lodge as he shared their values of fellowship, friendship and charity. We have spent many lovely occasions attending functions with friends made through the masonic family.

We made many memories during 2019, visiting places we had always talked about, but hadn’t done.

We will miss you everyday and our lives will never be the same, but you will live in our hearts forever.

God Bless You.
Fiona Henry and family


A Tribute from Our MP Edward Argar

While at this time I would probably normally be writing my column for the Syston Town News about coronavirus, and about summer in our town, instead on this occasion I wanted to take the opportunity to write my personal tribute to Paul Henry who sadly passed away recently.
Paul was a familiar figure for many people in Syston through his years of dedicated service to his town and our community on Syston Town Council, and he, along with his wife Fiona, who edits and produces this fantastic local paper, were an amazing double act, representing public service at its best, and the true spirit of our town.
I remember shortly after I became the MP for Charnwood in 2015, my friend, Cllr Tom Barkley telling me that Paul and Fiona were two people I had to get to know if I really wanted to get to know and understand the town – I did, and so got to know, and became friends with, two of the nicest and most decent people you could hope to meet. Paul’s service on the Town Council, including a period as its Chairman, was utterly selfless and always focused on doing what was best for the town. His pride in Syston, which as a fellow local resident I share, and his evident pleasure in meeting with and working with everyone from the town was obvious to anyone who met him. And, of course, as well as having that judgement and common sense that marked out his time on the Council, he was simply great fun as well.
As an MP you meet a lot of people who contribute to their communities, and who serve their communities, and some of those people really stand out. Paul was one of those who stood out. It was a pleasure and privilege to have known him and to have worked with him since I became Systons’ MP. His contribution to our town and community speaks for itself and his passing leaves a huge hole in our community’s life – Paul will be very much missed, not just by me, but by everyone who knew or met him.
My sympathies and very best wishes at this time go to Fiona and their family.


A Tribute to Paul Andrew Henry

On behalf of Syston Town Council, its Councillors, Officers and Staff, I wish to pay tribute to the late, Paul Andrew Henry, former Chairman of Syston Town Council and a former Town Councillor of many years standing.
Paul made a significant difference and contribution to Syston Town and its council during his term of office, he made the council better just as he made the town better. He was a family man, had a good sense of humour and showed a largesse of spirit in dealing with adversity. He was liked by Councillors, Officers, staff and residents alike.
Paul believed in honest debate and in hearing all views, based on a belief that all of us are created equal with certain inalienable rights. I had many conversations with Paul, and it was clear his heart was in serving the people of Syston and improving facilities for residents in the town.
His work with the council involved working with the committees and many sub committees. He was also involved in supporting local charities, amongst which was The Warning Zone, a children’s charity. He introduced an award for Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year. He was involved with the twinning association, with our twinned town, Deville les Rouen and enjoyed the visits and links with the town and the friendships established. He supported the efforts of the council in achieving a Silver Gilt in the East Midlands in Bloom competition.
Perhaps more than anything we can take a lesson from Paul’s service and commitment to duty. He made a difference and what better way to remember him than to carry on his legacy and continue to act as he would have wished, to improve our Town and the lives of all residents.
We pay tribute and show gratitude for Paul’s contribution to the life of our town and its residents. We shall remember him.
Tom Barkley
Chairman – Syston Town Council.