Wear a Nose for Wetnose Animal Day Friday 18th Sept 2020

BUY a NOSE and POSE with your PET to help raise funds for our rescue centres

Accidents and illnesses don’t stop during a crisis – not even for animals. Your donations are keeping our Rescue Centres doors open for life-saving care for our strays, pets and injured wildlife. 

This is our chance with animal lovers and celebrities across the UK to help raise much needed funds on 18th September to support Wetnose Animal day. Just POSE with a NOSE, no fundraising events this year, but last year we raised a whopping £48,693, and the year before was £31,952.49 so hopefully we can smash it this year.

Rescue Centre Manager: Not only was all fundraising halted overnight but the Government that was going to ‘put its arms round us all in these unprecedented times’ has totally overlooked animal sanctuaries and not even acknowledged us. We all still have bills to pay, staff to pay, vets bill, feed bills and of course with the lack of grass we are using more hay.  Things are dire and there is still no sign of our fundraising getting up and going or us being able to open. The present situation has meant cruelty to horses in on the rise again, especially as there is less grass and we are meant to deal with these cases with no funds.

I can’t tell you just how stressful things are at present and how many sleepless nights I have had trying to work out a way forward but if we can’t get back to normal till next year then I really don’t know what our chances of survival are, many are suffering with mental fatigue, as they continue to work with no funds!  

Over the last few years Wetnose has been thrilled to have had support from celebrity animal lovers including Paul McCartney, Paul O’Grady, Amanda Holden, Ricky Gervais, David Essex and Chris Packham. This has enabled us to raise thousands of pounds for local animal sanctuaries, providing food and veterinary treatment for animals in desperate need.

Chris Packham

“Wetnose Day for animal’s is a lovely idea, yes we definitely need more help and support with wildlife and hedgehogs rescues, so yes I’ll support Wetnose Day by wearing a Nose for a Pose”.

A word from our celebrity sponsors and partners

” I love all animals always have done, so pose with a nose like me, and help animals too.” David Essex, singer- songwriter

“I love the idea of a Wetnose Day for animals and do hope we can make it as big as red nose day for humans. Many of the smaller animal sanctuaries are full to busting and need our help with the wonderful work they do against all the odds. Please join me and support those without a voice, join Wetnose and let’s all make a real difference”.  Amanda Holden, TV presenter

 “I think this Wetnose Day event is a terrific idea and long overdue, you know what I think of animals and this would go a long way to helping many smaller centres who need more support, yes count me in!” Paul O’Grady, TV presenter

 “We support #wetnoseday 4 animals every year, got your nose yet?” Ricky Gervais, actor and comedian

“I support Wetnose Animal Aid and I am proud to be a Patron to Wetnose Day. It is such a fun and inspiring time to gather people together to work hard in supporting those smaller charitable organisations who struggle so hard to raise funds for the excellent and tiring work they do on a daily basis.” Wendy Turner Webster, Wetnose Patron and TV Presenter

“Yours readers are passionate about animals and we are delighted to support Wet Nose Day that raises funds for rescue centres that make a huge difference to the quality of life and welfare of many vulnerable animals at their greatest time of need.” Editor at Yours Magazine

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