Not the Year We Planned but There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well it is fair to say 2020 is not quite the year we all had in mind, a curve-ball was thrown and it is still bouncing around all over the place. It doesn’t mean all is lost though, it just means we have to think differently about things.

There has been a lot of thinking and doing and changing and rethinking, but we have numerous plans in place so that we can socially distance our pumpkin carving and enable Christmas to be memorable for all the right reasons – the perfect tree and Christmas kindness. We have swapped the shop around to make it easier for people to shop with space, put the coffee shop in the Parlour and lots of outdoor seating, we have even re-purposed a barn making our meeting space even bigger to allow for better distancing – when we are again allowed to be social.

It is so wonderful to see people back out and about, safely, as we have spent a lot of time wondering and worrying about people who may have been on their own. We are still lucky enough to be delivering and have plans to expand our on-line shop so even if you are back at work you can still get hold of all the goodness of Roots and we can make Christmas even easier this year (who doesn’t love an easy life).

We know it has been tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel – at times it may have seemed like it is just someone with a torch bringing more work, but the light is there and we are here waiting with tea and cake, fresh vegetables and ready meals.

Stay safe and see you soon at Roots.